Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Follow your heart

Last summer I made a decision of sorts, to make whatever I wanted go with my instincts and just create. For some reason, I used to create with the idea that there were "judges" out there; that I needed to work towards their "approval", or for a certain exhibition in mind.

It has been so freeing for me to just follow my heart and intuition. And, it has paid off in numerous sales and acceptances into shows. It is very gratifying to know that something I create and love has "rung true" for someone else. It has been an important lesson learned: Follow Your Heart!

Friday, April 24, 2009

ArtEscape 2009

I have been sooo busy the last few weeks, but have lots to share. Last weekend I attended ArtEscape in Columbus, OH. It is put on by "European Papers" and Lisa Ohmer. It is always an amazing experience chock full of mixed media art making.

I took this class, "Stories From the Heart" from Sharon Andrews of Westerville, OH. What an amazing talented lady she is, and SO sharing. She truly showed us how to create a work of "heArt".
I will post a picture of my heart book as soon as I complete it!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Save Our Stories Interview

I am pleased to announce that my interview with Karen Musgrave, chair of "Quilter's SOS-Save Our Stories" for "The Alliance for American Quilts", is now online. My interview is about a piece called "Token of Love" that was in the "Sacred Threads" quilt show in Reynoldsburg, OH in 2007. "Sacred Threads" is a biennial show of quilts exploring the themes of joy, inspiration, spirituality, healing, grief, and peace.
This year, the show will be held June 17-28 at the Reynoldsburg High School, 6699 E. Livingston Ave. The direct link for my interview is

Monday, April 6, 2009

I just sent a commission piece off to Texas. It was a very fun project. The only restristions I had were color, and theme.(it had to be a goddess). Here is the resulting quilt. I call it Moon Goddess II.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Elusive time

It's early....I have the entire day stretching before me....what will I do with it??
As I get older, time seems so fleeting. There is just never enough of it, and yet, here I sit at the computer (it's been at least half an hour now ) seemingly wasting "time".
It helps me to make lists if there are things I really need to accomplish. For example, I got ALOT done on Monday because I had a list and checked things off. But so many times I find myself putting things off....It sort of goes back to the idea about just "diving in" and not being afraid. So what is it I am afraid of? Not sure...however, this day is getting away from me and if I'm going to create any art, I'd better "dive in".