Sunday, January 30, 2011

Media Stretch

   While my first artistic love is stitching and embellishing art quilts, I am trying to stretch and grow in other creative endeavors.
 An online class I signed up for this January is Jane Lafazio's "Sketchbook Watercolor on Location" class. Our first assignment was to just stay at home and find some objects to paint. She suggested keys. As I have a collection of old keys, that was exactly what I painted.

"Antique Keys" by Susan Nash
 I am loving the "on location" concept of this class. This week we are on location in a coffee shop! I can't wait. I only wish my friend Vivian ( who is also taking this class) lived closer so that we could hang out at a coffee shop together.  At any rate, stay tuned for more on-location artwork. I'll be posting more in the near future, in between finishing up some quilt-y projects. It has been a good season to stay inside and make art! What have you been creating?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sketchbook Project 2010: Part 2

the front and back covers

  In an earlier post I introduced my sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project 2010. The deadline has come and gone, and my book was mailed off to its new home last week joining all the others in the Brooklyn Museum of Art. They will travel to different destinations and be handled by a lot of people.

  Since the paper was very thin, I glued the pages together; back-to-back, and even added gesso to a few to allow for water media. Along with the glue and gesso, I used some matte medium, markers, and watercolors, not to mention soaking wet tea bags. These are some of the reasons my book looks as if I dropped it in the river.

  My "theme" was: I am a Scavenger.

made from cut out photos retrieved from the trash

 bio pages...a vellum pocket with business card and post cards

tea staining

I found some pressed leaves, and a quote saved from a calendar

traced around my hand...just for fun

inside the front cover
   Some thoughts:
  1. This was a fun project to do
  2. A blank sketchbook is very intimidating
  3. It became WAY more fun, when I gave up perfection, and ownership
  4. I would do it again, but start on time ( I joined up in the middle of the project)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Dawn, New Day, New Year

  My new year did not start out as I had planned. Instead, I was in bed shivering with the flu. Life does not always go as planned.
  Today I awoke to a beautiful sunrise over a crisp, frosty landscape. It inspired me to think about what all I want to accomplish this year. I prefer to think about setting goals, instead of resolutions.

 So, I have a wide open path ahead of me at the start of this year. There is the usual weight loss goal, but I've been thinking that it probably won't matter that I was 10 pounds over weight in 2011, as long as I can do the things I want to do, right? I will continue to try to eat healthy meals and to exercise every day.

 The goals I am most concerned with are my art related ones. I would love for this to be the year that I supported myself completely at the studio. By that, I mean, that I sell enough artwork, and teach enough classes , so that I cover my expenses. It would be wonderful to make a profit, but I am trying to keep to reality here. (smile) 
 Another goal would be that I put together a professional portfolio. I would then use this to seek out gallery representation. I am getting help with this by joining the SAQA Visioning program that is offered through SAQA University.

 One fun thing I am doing is taking the "One Little Word" class over at Big Picture Classes. Taught by Ali Edwards, it uses the concept that you choose ( or it may choose you ), one word to focus on for the year. My word is trust. Ali will be giving the class members a prompt every month...something to do or think about. I will be sharing my progress with you here.

  Hopefully by verbalizing some of my goals for the year here, I will feel more accountable. At any rate, it's a new day and a new year, and I'm ready to step out and get going! What kinds of goals have you set forth?

Let's step out together!