Monday, June 29, 2009


Elizabeth Busch

me hard at work... I just got back from an awesome week in Columbus, OH at QSDS. I took a master class from Elizabeth Busch. There were 20 of us in the classroom, so there was lots of networking, critiquing, and learning...not to mention FUN! We stayed busy most of the time. It's an intense experience.


So at the end of the week we each had an opportunity to talk about our work...what we saw, what we felt, do we work "inside" or "outside", and has our work shifted during the week. I brought several pieces that I wanted to complete while there, and did so....but there was no "shift" in my work. It turned out as I had already planned. But, after a weeks-worth of studying with Elizabeth, I do, indeed, feel a "shift" coming. I have learned to ask myself many questions. Each time I finish a piece I need to look at it and decide, objectively, if it was successful. I am learning to stretch and grow in my work. It was a very valuable experience.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Quilt Surface Design Symposium

I leave today for an entire week studying with Elizabeth Busch, in her Master Class, at the Quilt Surface Design Symposium in Columbus, OH. I'm really looking forward to it. Last year I took Dorothy Caldwell's master class and really got a lot out of it. It was such a nurturing environment with lots of networking and critiquing and learning. I'm going for 2 more days this year....can't wait. The other fun thing is that my roommate for the week is my dear friend Vivian Milholen, whom I used to work with at "Patchwork Dreams". She moved to Virginia a few years ago, so we will have a great time catching up and stitching together! Above is a picture of Vivian and her quilt at Sacred Threads. You can view more of her work at her website Thread In The Studio , or on her blog, Studio Threads.

Sacred Threads Quilt Show

My family and I went to the Sacred Threads "meet and greet the artists" and opening reception yesterday. This is a picture of me and my piece "Frozen In Time". It was hanging in the "grief" section. It explores the theme of addiction. A theme I, unfortunately, am learning about.
This is such a wonderful venue, because each piece has a lengthy artist statement that really allows the viewers to relate to the artists experience. So many are very touching and heartfelt. You can look around and see viewers in tears....that is how profound this show is. I am always proud to be juried into this one!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Inspiration From Nature

Most of the inspiration for my artwork comes from nature. I love nothing better than being outside observing and sketching. I do not have an art degree from Ohio University is actually a BS in Zoology. And I started out in botany, so I really do have a broad scope. All I ever wanted to be "when I grew up" was a park naturalist. I never got paid to do it...I just do it on my own. Nature makes my soul sing. I know, that sounds "cheesy", but it's true.
I totally have a quilt planned in my mind using the different coleus color patterns. I mean....just look at that acid green against the ruby red!? It just cries to be put into fabric!!

More Inspiration

How about that orange?? Against the green??

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Relaxing @ Studio 202

Here in the loft of my studio, Studio 202, I find myself contemplating the day ahead. What is my plan for the day? Which project do I want to get into first? Am I the only artist who has 5 or 6 different projects I'm working on at once? I doubt it. I'm thinking that it is just part of the "creative mindset". I have at least 3 pieces in process that I actively move back and forth I have many sketches in my art journal, just waiting to be tweaked into the next project ( or 2 )....then there are the ones I am "incubating" ( you could read that as procrastinating) in my mind. Oh, and don't forget the ones that have been set aside ( for months) that are waiting for the muse to strike again.
Focus is what I need....just focus....

Friday, June 12, 2009

Work in Process

This is one piece I have currently in process. I was inspired by the top overlay fabric---a remnant I found at Hobby Lobby. Also, by a friends fish pond. The overlay is lacy and sparkly and that acid green color which I am drawn to. I loved it , but had no idea how I would ever use it. Then I was visiting my friend Bill who has an awesome garden and goldfish pond...the rest is history! Inspiration struck and I am gladly off and running on this quilt idea. Hint: the green overlay reminds me of duckweed.
This piece will travel with me to QSDS where I am taking a master class with Elizabeth Busch.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Zanesville Art Center's "The Ohio Show"

This Ohio Annual is a competitive, juried exhibition open to all Ohio artists. Charlotte Gordon, Museum Curator, The Springfield Museum of Art, was juror for acceptance and awards...she selected 51 pieces from 43 artists from 22 Ohio cities/towns. I am honored to have 2 pieces accepted.
In the picture above you see my piece "Main Street Mandala #3 Peace", myself and my big brother Bill, who happens to be one of my greatest supporters. Thanks Bill!!

"The Ohio Show"

This piece is "Primordial Sea". It was actually made from the "left-overs" of the piece below, "Main Street Mandala".

Zanesville Art Center "The Ohio Show"

I am learning this blogging thing and I didn't mean to have 2 of the same pictures, so you'll have to bear with me on this one. ARRRGGGHHH.
Anyway, this is the other piece that made it into the show. The center is a reverse sun print of a water man-hole cover done with Seta color paints.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Quilt National

So here is a picture of my friend and room-mate for the conference; Sue Cavanaugh. She is pictured here with her quilt " Ori-kume #1". It won the award for best surface design!! You rock Sue!! Check out her website for more work.

SAQA Convention and Quilt National

A few weeks ago I attended the Studio Art Quilt Associates conference in Athens, Ohio. It was set up to coincide with the opening of Quilt National at The Dairy Barn. I think it was a very enjoyable and enriching conference. I learned much and did alot of networking with other artists. Plus, it was awesome to get into see Quilt National while most of the artists were there.