Sunday, June 14, 2009

Relaxing @ Studio 202

Here in the loft of my studio, Studio 202, I find myself contemplating the day ahead. What is my plan for the day? Which project do I want to get into first? Am I the only artist who has 5 or 6 different projects I'm working on at once? I doubt it. I'm thinking that it is just part of the "creative mindset". I have at least 3 pieces in process that I actively move back and forth I have many sketches in my art journal, just waiting to be tweaked into the next project ( or 2 )....then there are the ones I am "incubating" ( you could read that as procrastinating) in my mind. Oh, and don't forget the ones that have been set aside ( for months) that are waiting for the muse to strike again.
Focus is what I need....just focus....

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