Sunday, January 31, 2010

Daily Affirmation Cards

I just finished up the "Blast Off" class by Alyson Stanfield of It was an awesome course. I learned so many things to help me be more organized and "on top" of my art career. In short, I am inspired.
Early in the class Alyson talked about being specific toward what you want for yourself, and also, to not be afraid to ask for it. One of our projects was to create our own positive affirmation
cards. I created a deck of 12 cards that I read aloud to myself every day. The idea is that I will bring these things into my life by simply asking for them. Some of them involve what I want for my art career, while others are ways to personally improve myself. For example, in the card above I am reminding myeslf to be a better listener, which is something I felt I needed to work on. I'll be sharing other cards from time to time.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Creative Clutter and Messages From the Universe

In the past few days I have experienced the "serendipity" of having the Universe send me messages in different places.
While leafing through the Sunday local paper I came upon the horoscope page, which I occasionally read. Scorpio's horoscope for that day was: "You will succeed after a period of experimentation. So don't be too afraid about making the wrong choice. Wrong choices will inform you and make your work complex and wonderful."
Two days later, I tear off my daily calendar page and uncover the following advice: "So we made a mistake. That's what humans do--make mistakes so we have the opportunity to learn. So?"
SO: this is something I have been working on for awhile....being fearless...going with my gut instincts while working on my art, and doing my best to not worry about whether it is "right" or "wrong". Just creating intuitively and seeing what happens. Not everything is wonderful, but I am really enjoying the freedom and process.
I read somewhere once, that when you have a serendipitous moment you should go beyond thinking "oh, that was a coincidence", and go happened for a reason, and you should not just blow it off. So, I like to think of these moments as the Universe trying to tell me something. And I try to listen.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Here is the point at which I seem to freeze up....right here at the source. I am talking about my lack of blog posts. One of my New Years resolutions was to post more frequently in every other day. But for some reason I find myself resisting. I'm hoping that with this post, I will have broken the pattern. Time will tell, I guess. Maybe saying it "out loud" right here, will make me more accountable.
Anyone else have trouble with this? Any advice??
Stuck in Resistance Land

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year: New Work

Each new year gives us a chance for "new beginnings". I have looked back over 2009 and am rather pleased with what I accomplished. But there is always more to be done. Looking forward to 2010, I too have my list of "resolutions". I have some art marketing and art making goals, plus some personal goals, such as being a better listener, and eating less/no meat. We'll see how it all goes.
In the mean time I have some new artwork to share. The piece to my right has a wool embellished applique of my hand in the middle. The piece over my left shoulder was actually a "test" piece I used to practice stitches and tension on. I added a few intentional things and voila:
a happy little "extra".