Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year: New Work

Each new year gives us a chance for "new beginnings". I have looked back over 2009 and am rather pleased with what I accomplished. But there is always more to be done. Looking forward to 2010, I too have my list of "resolutions". I have some art marketing and art making goals, plus some personal goals, such as being a better listener, and eating less/no meat. We'll see how it all goes.
In the mean time I have some new artwork to share. The piece to my right has a wool embellished applique of my hand in the middle. The piece over my left shoulder was actually a "test" piece I used to practice stitches and tension on. I added a few intentional things and voila:
a happy little "extra".


  1. Susan, I love these new pieces!!!! Congrats on a great year in 2009. I know 2010 will be even better! "no-meat' I like to hear!
    : ) ...from your vegetarian friend

  2. Happy New Year Susan! Making changes that matter in our lives is maybe one of the most difficult goals we can set for ourselves. I have not gone vegetarian totally but we have a couple meals a week to improve our health future. Ken is so thin and with his health set backs we are making each meal a real treat to body and soul.
    Your new work is intriguing and I hope to see it up close sometime soon. Ken was over in Columbus today to teach at Capital so he picked up my child like Kookaburra Quilt up from ODC. I am missing my Reflections piece that will soon be coming home after the last exhibition. I was saddened that the information I had given to Judy Vierow was overlooked completely...I went on the lifetime list to give young blood an opportunity to enter the AQN and after 20 years and numerous exhibits I realize if you are not there in are not included. I will continue the process... this transition as the 2010 blossoms for us all. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
    Stay warm on frigid, tundra days here in Ohio~! :-)