Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Creative Clutter and Messages From the Universe

In the past few days I have experienced the "serendipity" of having the Universe send me messages in different places.
While leafing through the Sunday local paper I came upon the horoscope page, which I occasionally read. Scorpio's horoscope for that day was: "You will succeed after a period of experimentation. So don't be too afraid about making the wrong choice. Wrong choices will inform you and make your work complex and wonderful."
Two days later, I tear off my daily calendar page and uncover the following advice: "So we made a mistake. That's what humans do--make mistakes so we have the opportunity to learn. So?"
SO: this is something I have been working on for awhile....being fearless...going with my gut instincts while working on my art, and doing my best to not worry about whether it is "right" or "wrong". Just creating intuitively and seeing what happens. Not everything is wonderful, but I am really enjoying the freedom and process.
I read somewhere once, that when you have a serendipitous moment you should go beyond thinking "oh, that was a coincidence", and go happened for a reason, and you should not just blow it off. So, I like to think of these moments as the Universe trying to tell me something. And I try to listen.

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