Thursday, April 8, 2010

All Systems: GO

I have given myself the "green light" to start work improving and building a better, more vibrant blog. How will this happen, you ask?? I recently signed up for the 4-week Blog Triage class offered by Cynthia Morris ( and and Alyson Stanfield ( ). You will be following along with my progress, as I blog my homework right here.
The most recent assignment is to describe the people I would like to have visit and read my blog. Since I am an artist, and I blog mostly about my work and what inspires me; I would like to attract other artists. Specifically, I am a textile/fiber artist making mostly art quilts. This may narrow or open the field even more, and could include not only other art quilters, but also anyone who sews. I am inspired by nature, so that could be another audience as well: nature lovers. It would also be my hope that I could possibly attract book publishers, art dealers, critics, museum curators, and gallery owners.
So why do I blog to begin with? I think I started blogging for myself. I was impressed by other blogs and felt that it was something I wanted to do as well. However, when it came to physically starting a blog, along with the commitment to continue blogging...that is where I froze up. I didn't want to start and not continue. So, I put it in the category of "doing something that scares me", and finally jumped in and tried my hand at it. In other words, I blog to force myself to stretch and grow. Since starting though, I have seen the value in networking with other like-minded people, and the self-promotion and self marketing uses are endless.
I look forward to the Blog Triage, and the push it is already giving me.
What are your reasons for blogging? Do you look forward to each blog post, or do you need a nudge?

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  1. Susan, I think you put your finger on it when you said "I blog to force myself to stretch and grow." That's definitely a prime motivator for me. I find when I go outside my comfort zone, good things happen: shows, contacts, new work, etc. I can't wait to see what happens in this class!