Sunday, April 11, 2010

Springtime: New Beginnings

Does spring stir-up your soul?? With trees budding and flowers popping and the world greening; aren't you compelled to start a-new as well? It does seem like the perfect time to jump on the band wagon and start something fresh, or re-commit to something already in place.
I'm thinking: new artwork, new series, new color scheme, new approach...OR how about: finish, re-do, perhaps start over.
Health wise I have already made a commitment to re-commit for better fitness this spring. ( ) Art-wise, I have a solo show coming up this month, so the work for that is all completed. I feel as if I have the above mentioned "new-beginning" because I am free to create without a goal insight.
Isn't it nice that we can create opportunities to free ourselves of guilt or worries, and have a new opportunity for fresh starts? Just because it's spring?
How about you?? Do you have any new plans or fresh starts inspired by the season?


  1. Hi Susan
    We're clearly on the same wave length for todays entry:-)

    I've enjoyed visiting several of your blog posts and I see that we share many interests including sewing and silence...I look forward to learning along with you in blog triage...Oh...and I'm from northern Ohio..though now living in Virginia.

  2. Susan: What a lovely photo and sentiment. I woke up this morning in spring-cleaning mode--as did my dear husband. He's repainting some window frames and I took to cleaning the outside of the kitchen cabinets. Then it was into the garden. My garden is my biggest step toward renewal each spring. Pillows are now on the lawn chairs, colorful banners are in place, and I'm readying the plants for warmer weather. It's hard work, but feels so good! Nothing like working with living plants to help me renew.

  3. Susan,
    It is so inevitable and welcome - the way spring takes us over!

    I have committed to four yoga classes a week. At the end there's a party and I'll get a t-shirt! And along the way it will be so good, too!

  4. Spring definitely stirs up something inside me. It is my favorite season! Watching those little green buds on the trees grow and turn greener every day is like magic to me. Same as with the popping flowers. What else can be more beautiful after a cold snowy winter. I love your budding photograph!