Sunday, May 16, 2010

From Paper To Fabric

Here is a new piece I just dropped off to my framer last week. The photo on the bottom shows an up-close of one of the pages from my journal, where the idea for this project was "concieved". The almost final work is pictured at the top. ( I added yet a few more buttons on the left side...seemed to balance a bit better.)     Leaf Study copyright Susan Nash

I have been keeping journals for many years now. They provide me with a wealth of ideas and quotes and just plain inspiration. Isn't it interesting how a doodle created many months earlier, will spark the idea for a new work? Whenever I am feeling "stuck" I go to my journals, and usually find something to get excited about.

How about you? Do you journal? I'd love to hear about it....


  1. I don't journal. I admire those who do and wish I could.... but somehow I just can't.

  2. Hi Susan
    Well this post is right up my alley...journaling is just as you describe it...I think of it as the best sort of bank.
    I deposit my ideas and dreams and dilemas between the covers of my journal and ...alchemical magic and shape shifting occurs...jus tas you've shown here.

    Beauty-full work...the celebration of a leaf.

  3. hey mom, that's pretty cool to see the drawing come to life. i need to journal more!!!

  4. Donna, I love the "bank" analogy! That is soo true. I do think we have alot of the same intrests. Thanks for the comment!

  5. Yes I do life is sometimes as hectic as my hair so I keep small books in places all around the house and by the computer. My post helps me share gratitude for the voices of others and sharing my drawings long after the journal is filled or the trip is over... I can recapture and make my vision visible...beautiful processes from a beautiful spirit. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. Susan,
    I'm enjoying the delicacy of your work and it's translation from journal to fabric. While I've been a journal keeper off and on for many years--I find its difficult to take my ideas from sketch to completion. As soon as they come out of the book they take on a life of their own! (Not unlike children.) But perhaps that's the idea. Perhaps the alchemy that Iona refers to transforms a sketch in countless possible ways when it takes form outside the cover of the journal.

  7. Yes I to journal, have for several years. Guess I've always kept 2. one I make entries of my thoughts & is where I vent. The second one is where I jot down things that inspires me drawings & ideas of thing I want to make @ some point, sayings, etc.