Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ginkgo Anyone?

  I have been asked numerous times as to why I frequently choose to use the ginkgo leaf in my work. Having spent some time exploring this question, I first thought about how I work intuitively....sometimes the work just needs a ginkgo leaf!   Right??    But WHY?    It goes much deeper than that.
 The picture above shows a very large ginkgo tree located on the campus of Ohio University. Back in the early 19060's, the course of the Hocking River was changed, for purposes of flood control. My Uncle Art Blickle, a botany professor, was instrumental in saving the above tree from destruction. Apparently it was an extremely old tree already.As a young person, this "fight" to save the tree captured my imagination. From that time on I became very aware of any ginkgo trees.

  Fast forward 40 some years and I am living in a house with a very guessed it.....ginkgo tree, in the front yard. I am an avid "season-er" and so, I pay a lot of attention to the changing of the seasons and how it effects the plant and animals around me.  This tree usually is completely bright yellow around the 22-23 of October. When it decides to drop it's leaves, it does so all at once! These leaves are very beautiful and leathery and heavy to rake.
 Considered a living fossil, the ginkgo tree has been around for many millions of years. The ginkgo is used as a symbol of longevity and strength over time. One can even find it in pill form to help the memory.                   

I will continue to attempt to figure out the significance of this special tree in my life. I do know that have have not grown tired of  it's beauty and versatility. Rest assured you will see more ginkgo art from me. 
Ginkgo biloba


  1. I think the fascination with Gingko trees is not limited to just you. Beautiful tree on the Ohio campus. Congrats to your Uncle for helping to save it!

  2. I love the shape of Gingko leaves!

  3. I love the Gingko tree too, for similar reasons. As you mentioned we have one in our front yard that is always the prettiest right around Oct 22-23...which happens to be mine and dads birthdays. so i have always loved that tree, and it was a pretty cool tree to climb when we were younger and jump in the leaf piles because as you mentioned too, they are very thick! Good post mom!!

  4. OMG...I'm way late on making a comment but the Ginko tree that you are privledged to live with is the most magnificent Ginko I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!

    ...this is my favorite species of tree since I was a child.
    How glorious that she is your neighbor.