Thursday, September 2, 2010

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

  September has always been a month for new beginnings. It used to be the back-to-school ritual, but now, with my children out of the house, it is a time for me to reflect upon what goals, dreams and aspirations I have achieved or not achieved, for the year. We start out in January with "resolutions" and by now, we pretty much know whether or not we are on track. SO, with summer winding down, and a new season approaching, I am feeling quite contemplative. I will look back and see if I am indeed on track.
 This summer was a busy one for me with both work and fun. Mike and I managed to sneak away to spend time on one or another of the Great Lakes.  I am also, now an official "volunteer" for the state of Ohio. My "job" is to walk the trails at Black Hand Gorge State Nature Preserve, picking up trash and cutting back trees. Such a tough job, huh?
 I have a few art shows to share with you as well. I had 3 pieces accepted into the Dawes Arboretum show which ran most of August. The theme for this show was "Leaf It To Mother Nature". It was a collaboration of the members of Dawes and of the Licking County Arts group.
The picture to the right is me beside "Leaf Study", at the Dawes show.
I also have 2 pieces in the show "Post Expressions" which is a show containing all post card sized pieces. That show is going on now until September 17, and can be viewed at the LeFevre Hall Art Gallery, on the Ohio State/Newark Campus, Newark, Ohio.
I had one piece, "Perseverance" juried into the professional division of the Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Expo....and it sold!!
My intention here is not to be tooting my own horn, but rather, reflecting upon my summer, and yes, perhaps reveling in some of my achievements.


  1. AWESOME!! (Yes, I am yelling in excitement)

  2. thanks for the comment! I see you are a welder/quilter? that sounds exciting as well!!

  3. You are one amazing young woman...I loved the Dawes piece...I hope it won Viewer's Choice! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. I love the picture you took of the blurb about sending and recieving very true. Also, its perfectly ok to toot your own horn every once in a deserve it mom!!!