Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Plunging Ahead

 I was recently "blog-surfing" and came upon Kathleen Loomis' blog,   " Art With A Needle" . She has been sharing her recent cruise experience, where she took a class on writing. She is a seasoned writer, having taught classes herself. She was curious to see how someone else might teach.
 The concept she shared that totally resonated with me was " Planners vs Plungers." According to her teacher, " a planner figures out what they want to say and writes it down, while a plunger writes in order to figure out what they want to say."

 I always struggled with writing an outline, then a paper from that....I usually managed to do it the other way around! AH-HA!! I am a plunger!! This, some how, is so freeing for me to know that it is an acceptable way of writing.  And, here is the best part: I am a plunging artist as well. No, I do NOT draw out ahead of time what I am about to create. I fly by the seat of my pants; working intuitively, following my instincts, letting the work take me where it may. No outline, no graph paper, no computer program...just a sketchbook/journal and all my stash.
 Thanks to Kathleen for sharing this information! I am a plunger and proud of it!

How do you write/work?  Is it just me or did this categorization help someone else as well? And why do we need labels anyway?


  1. HAHAHA...best picture ever, i would like that one framed for my house!! on a serious note i have never really thought about this before but it must be genetic because i too am a plunger for sure!

  2. Like Abby I never thought about it either but I TO am a plunger..LOL...& like Susan proud of it!Besides I'm amoung Great company !!! Thanks for the info Susan & GF I Love the picture ! :)

  3. I thought at first it was because you were dealing with alot of shit... My bad.
    Plunging is an art in itself, perhaps even why I like to watch tv shows where a designer has only limited time and resources to create.
    Me lovum plunge! Diane*

  4. I love watching you plunge by the seat of your pants! I love that about you dear friend. Linda