Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Month End Review

 After taking Alyson Stanfield's "Blast Off" class back in January, I have been trying to take her advice to "check in" with myself and my artistic endeavors. I thought I would do an end of the month review here: what have I accomplished in the month of May...did I meet any goals?....and what are my aspirations for June?

 May was a busy, art-full month. I have my solo show continuing at The Zanesville Museum of Art. Some of the work has sold, and I have a commission request.
 The opening of "Best of 2101" at the Ohio Craft Museum has come and gone, along with receiving my award there. I completed 3 new pieces that had been in process and sent them along to "FABRICations" at the High Road Gallery. The show runs May 26 to June 26. I also somehow managed with the help of an artist-friend, Mike Seiler ( thanks Mike) to get a cd and application sent off to the Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Expo.  I won't know the results of that until early June. Finally, I created a piece for consideration to be in Patti Digh's newest book.

 On a down note, the deadline for the Aullwood Nature Center show came and went. Unfortunately, I had nothing to send along.

 With June unfolding quickly before me, I am excited about the opportunity to take classes at the Quilt Surface Design Symposium in Columbus. I will be studying with Pam Sussman and Rosalie Dace. This event is great for re-connecting and networking with friends, old and new.

  My goal for June would be to create more artwork. QSDS will offer much inspiration, I am sure. I will also await the acceptance or rejection notice from the state fair expo. ( keeping my fingers crossed ). There are several more deadlines for other shows looming in the future. My intention is to create, and hope that something will be appropriate to enter.

 I am well pleased with the month of May, and hope to keep the momentum going in the months ahead. this is helpful to state my goals, not only to remind myself, but also to make me accountable.


  1. Susan,

    I enjoyed reading your accounting of May. It made me think about what I've been up to and remember to take stock as well. Thanks!

  2. Great post...much transferable wisdom...good luck on all that's approaching and bravo on all that's been accomplished!!